College Search Tools: Net Price Calculators

Cost consideration is an important part of any college search. That means looking at “net price” vs. “sticker price.” The “net price” is what a student pays to attend an institution in a single year after subtracting grants and scholarships. Every college is now required to have a net price calculator on its Web site so students can find out what families in similar financial circumstances paid after taking grants and scholarships into account. Use these calculators at the beginning of your college search to create a list of schools that best fit your family’s financial circumstances.

College Navigator is a free selection search tool that helps you find any school in the country, provides basic information about the school, including the net price, and links you to the school’s Web site for more details. Check out this short video to get started. Also read about the college search & you, considering college costs, and tips for using net price calculators.