Paying for College

These videos were filmed in September 2016 for VSAC’s statewide Paying for College presentations to help Vermont students and parents plan for college:

  • Part 1: The Basics of Financial Aid
  • Part 2: College Costs
  • Part 3: Financial Aid Applications
  • Part 4: The FAFSA First
  • Part 5: Grants and Scholarships
  • Part 6: After You Apply
  • Part 7: Education Loans
  • Part 8: Before Accepting Financial Aid

VSAC’s Paying for College handout (PDF) for students and parents attending VSAC’s Paying for College presentation at Vermont high schools


The Basics of Financial Aid

College Costs

Financial Aid Applications

The FAFSA First

Grants and Scholarships

After You Apply

Education Loans

Before Accepting Financial Aid