College Your Way: Finding Colleges That Fit

Learn how to create a college list that matches your needs and to use online tools to find real expected costs and other school-specific info.


College Costs & Financial Aid

Find out strategies for managing college costs and the basics on applying for financial aid.


College Search Tools: Net Price Calculators

Using net price calculators at the beginning of your college search can help you estimate costs and create a list of colleges that best fit your family’s circumstances.


Financial Aid Tutorials

Learn about the FAFSA — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid — and get an overview of the financial aid process. It all starts here! See our paying for college resources for more info.


ACT Preparation

Get help preparing for this standardized test. Video tutorials cover general test information, math, science, critical reading, essay tips, and grammar & punctuation.


Understanding the Scholarships Process online presentation

Knowing the ins and outs of the scholarships process can help you be more successful when you apply for this form of financial aid.


Writing an Effective Admissions Essay online presentation

Writing college application essays is challenging — but VSAC can help!