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financial aid videos for education professionals

Financial aid updates

The latest federal, state, and VSAC updates relevant to counselors supporting Vermont families was provided at VSAC’s financial aid training on December 11, 2015. Below are the videos from that training.

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What’s new and what’s ahead

VSAC white paper (6:11) — An overview of VSAC’s most recent white paper, Vermont’s Class of 2012: Highlights and challenges for pursuing a postsecondary education. View the complete document.

VSAC’s aspiration projects (2:02) — VSAC’s new aspirations project for Bellows Falls and existing program at Lamoille Union High School.

Vermont’s dual enrollment & early college stipend (2:06) — VSAC’s stipend program that provides $150 for books, fees, or transportation costs for eligible students in dual enrollment courses or early college.

FAFSA completion project overview (2:22) — An overview of VSAC’s FAFSA & VT grant completion project.  Learn about the online tool or watch a walk-through.

Portability (2:01) — An update on the policy that permits students to use Vermont grants out of state.

Homeless youth (2:35) — An overview of homeless youth in Vermont and the impact of homelessness on future college populations.

Pell pilot (1:08) — New federal pilot for using Pell to expand opportunities for low-income students.

Prior-Prior & new FAFSA filing date (4:26) — An introduction to the earlier filing date  for 2017 and changes in the tax info to be used.

More upcoming initiatives (:56) — An introduction to the online senior survey pilot and the new Vermont Advantage loan for parents.


FAFSA updates for 20162017

FAFSA errors & verification (2:55) — The most common FAFSA errors that may trigger the federal verification process.

FAFSA updates for 2016-17 (7:40) — What you need to know for 2016-2017 FAFSA submission.

The FSA ID (5:47) — The new process for logging into FAFSA on the Web and all other Federal Student Aid websites.

FSA ID general tips (2:25) — Tips for creating a secure FSA ID.

FAFSA IRS data retrieval tool (5:08) — Details on using the IRS data retrieval when filing the FAFSA.

FAFSA confirmation (1:23) — Find out how to confirm that the FAFSA has been filed successfully.

FAFSA demo system (:42) —Use this demo site when working with your students or families (username: eddemo, password: fafsatest).

FAFSA changes 2017-18 (7:34) — Details on the earlier filing date  for 2017 and changes in the tax info to be used.

FAFSA & VT grant completion tool (1:41) — Details on VSAC’s online FAFSA and VT grant completion tool for schools.

FAFSA completion project walk-through (3:16) — A walk-through of VSAC’s FAFSA & VT grant completion tool.